MNG Trading is active in the supply and trading of Natural Gas


MNG Trading marks the liberalization of the natural gas market in Greece. It is the first independent company to succeed in supplying and trading natural gas in Greece. MNG Trading was established in 2010.

MNG Trading ensures secure and competitive supply of natural gas to its customers.

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In 2018 MYTILINEOS acquired all shares of the company, showing full alignment with its strategic intention to further develop its natural gas activities.


Μ&Μ Gas becomes the first independent company to import pipeline gas from the interconnector Greece - Bulgaria (IGB). In July 2016, MNG Trading successfully concludes the first commercial export of pipeline gas from Greece to Bulgaria and in September 2016 the Company imports natural gas to the Greek market.


The further opening up of the natural gas market to geographical areas until then excluded from the areas of activity of natural gas supply companies (EPA), signals for MNG Trading the launch of its sales activity to industrial clients, to which the Company offers innovation, flexibility and speed of delivery, coupled with competitive charges.


MNG TRADING signs the first ever agreement under which an industrial consumer is supplied with natural gas by an independent supplier. 


Ιn February 2011, MNG Trading obtains from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change in Greece the license to supply and sell natural gas to eligible customers in accordance with the provisions of Law 3428/2005. The license issued is valid for 20 years.


MYTILINEOS S.A. and MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) CORINTH REFINERIES S.A. establish “M and M Gas Co SA” with the trade name “MNG Trading” with the objective to supply natural gas. In 2010, the supply of natural gas to MYTILINEOS and MOTOR OIL connected companies begins.


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